Running Plasma-Wayland on KDE Neon

This morning I installed KDE Neon on my good old ExoPC as I need to test some touch functionality on Wayland. So here are the steps on how to switch Neon to use Wayland:

Install package plasma-workspace-wayland:

sudo apt install plasma-workspace-wayland

Log out and select in session drop down Plasma (Wayland), log in and enjoy your Wayland session.

If you want to verify that it truly is a Wayland session, just open any KDE application, open the “Help” Menu, go to “About <Application Name>”, click “Version” tab, it should say “The Wayland windowing system” is being used.

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  1. Hey Martin,

    would you provide please the link to the iso? I have an ExoPC as well and looking for a KDE distro that allows at least to browse the web, listen music and watch films with a rudimentary screen keyboard solution where necessary.

    1. sorry, we don’t have screen keyboard yet. That’s btw. the part I’m working in 😉

      To download just go to, but be aware: that’s still a very young technology.

      1. Is the PPA not available any more?
        What I would like to do is install Ubuntu 16.04 inside a container(LXC for example) and there to install `plasma-wayland`.

  2. Hey Martin, thanks for the awesome work.

    Do you have any estimates for when Wayland will be good enough for daily use with Plasma? Really looking forward to ditching X11.

  3. Just tried it out on neon git stable. Plasmashell and krunner were crashing like crazy; actually I think krunner often causes plasmashell to crash. This is on qt 5.6.1 and plasma 5.6.4. Will report bugs. Hoping this becomes more usable soon: I see that there are already notable improvements in plasma 5.7. Keep it up!

    1. Please try with 5.7 before reporting bugs. I fixed quite a lot of those plasmashell and krunner crashers.

      1. Working quite nicely in 5.7. Just wish there was some gui-exposed control over mouse settings. Still some visual bugs as well but at least nothing’s crashing so far.

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