KWin moved to an own repository

As you might have read in Aleix’s blog post the kde-workspace repository got split into several repositories. KWin was also affected by this change. As the largest module in the old kde-workspace repository and given the fact that it has always been a rather stand alone part in kde-workspace it got moved into an own repository. If you want to clone it just run:

git clone kde:kwin

This change will hopefully make development easier, especially following all commits should be easier. A nice change is that KWin now does the dependency resolving itself which removes quite some quirks we had in the old setup. All of kde-workspace had X11 and a few other dependencies optional, but for KWin they were mandatory. Now all mandatory dependencies can clearly be stated.

The new KWin repository does not contain all source code as it used to. The Oxygen window decoration got moved together with other parts of Oxygen. But this doesn’t change anything for KWin: Oxygen is still the default window decoration, just the dependency is now at runtime. If Oxygen is not around KWin can fallback to the Plastik window decoration just as it used to be.

Furthermore the documentation for the configuration modules got moved into the new repository, so all the documentation is now also directly in KWin. And also the new kwin-compositing-kcm got imported into the new repository. This got initially developed in an own repository to ease the initial development (which started on Qt 5 when KWin was still on Qt 4), but we had the plan to merge it back into KWin once the repositories are split. Note for distributions: you can drop the package in case you packaged it already. Sorry if that created some extra work for you.

Bug fixes for the 4.11 release still need to happen from the old kde-workspace repository as that’s the one used to make the releases. Commits to this branch will get cherry-picked by me to the new repository.