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Last week I attended QtWorldSummit in Berlin to help represent KDE manning the booth and chairing some sessions. I want to thank KDE e.V. for the support to go to this great event. It is awesome to see such a huge and vibrant Qt community and to see KDE as an important part. So many talks and also keynotes have speakers with a KDE background.

KDE's booth at QtWorldSummit
KDE’s booth at QtWorldSummit

At our booth we had a clear focus on the frameworks – understandable given that it’s what is most interesting to Qt developers. But of course also many guests also asked us about other applications and Plasma. What was clearly visible at the conference was that many booths had their demo run on Plasma powered systems and in many cases it was already a Plasma 5.

From the talks I attended I noticed that Wayland is a really big thing in the Qt community. Be it smart TVs or in car entertainment systems or even the driver’s dashboard: they run Wayland and use the QtCompositor API for it. This is quite exciting to see that QtCompositor seems to be a great fit for such use cases (while it isn’t for KWin). What’s even more exciting is to learn that such systems work without having to fall back to Android drivers and solutions like libybris. For the ecosystem this is great to see: Wayland is entering the embedded world and it’s Qt which is used for it. I haven’t seen anyone talking about using X11, Android or Mir for these cases which gives us a very strong and united ecosystem. Very exiting times are in front of us with lots of opportunities also for KDE as if QtCompositor isn’t sufficient we can jump in with either KWayland or even KWin.

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  1. I work in Automotive and we have been using Wayland for ~3 years. We stopped at Wayland 1.5.0.
    Btw, we also use Qt.
    Usually, this products that use Wayland, have an old version…

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