This Blog features the development of the KDE Plasma Compositor and Window Manager (KWin). This component of the KDE Plasma Workspaces is maintained by Martin Gräßlin, the author of this site.

Martin Gräßlin has been contributing to KDE since 2008 and is the KWin maintainer since 2010. He studied applied Computer Science in a Masters program at the University Heidelberg, Germany.

Since 2013 Martin Gräßlin is employed by blue systems to work on KDE software.

One thought on “About

  1. Dear Martin,
    I am developing a new plasmoid that is going to present an idea around workareas. (Activities+VDs). I am using the dataengines in order to show and handle activities and tasks (org.kde.activities and tasks) . I have a small obstacle and I would like some guideness. In a plasmoid how can I change the activity in which a task is shown? (Every task I think has a QStringList for the activities)

    Thanks a lot, I hope I am not a headache,
    Michail Vourlakos

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