This week in KWin (2013, week 3)

This week has seen lots of last minute polish for the 4.10 release. Most issues should be fixed in RC3, but there is still some work going on to deal with regressions outside of KWin which nobody had noticed for too long. From the features/improvement department: KWin’s support information includes information about screens to finally end the discussions about whether a user is using multi-head, xrandr or who knows what. Our window decoration library gained support for two new window border sizes: no borders on the side and no borders at all. This is highly inspired by the already existing feature in Oxygen and got now also available in Aurorae for QML based themes.

Last but not least I wanted to remind that the summary below is generated from the bug reports set to resolved fixed in Bugzilla over the last week. This does not mean that the bug got fixed, but that the report had been set to fixed. Sometimes this is done through a commit, sometimes it’s just some house cleaning. The last weeks have seen lots of cleaning. Also the title of a bug report is mostly set by the user and especially in the case of a crash report has very often not much to do with what has really been the case. So if you want to get excited about a bug in that list, you should at least click the link and read through it and see what it is about and when it got fixed. Even if the bug report is more than a decade old it does not say anything without the context.


Crash Fixes

  • 302094: KWin crashes with flash
  • 264897: crash during alt+tab
  • 312712: Assert on “kwin –restart &”
    This change will be available in version 4.10 RC 3
    Git Commit

Critical Bug Fixes

    Bug Fixes

    • 301909: “No titlebar and frame = Force Yes” does not work
    • 311896: callDBus always fails for methods with signature containing array of strings
      This change will be available in version 4.10
      Git Commit
    • 293734: kwin does not honor disableMultihead=true and causes window focus problems
      This change will be available in version 4.11
      Git Commit
    • 308557: blur left on screen
    • 312851: Windows wider/taller than screen are cut off/partially mirrored when doing a screenshot of them using ksnapshot
      This change will be available in version 4.11
      Git Commit
    • 273104: Dual screen with different dimension screens and one rotated, desktop size is getting strange values

    New Features


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        1. s/Lust/Last

          Can’t wait to see final 4.10 release on bare hardware. RC3 on virtual machine is working great! Thanks all of you.

        2. Hi Martin
          Since I know you have a raspberry pi – how does it run on there?
          Have you played around with it and KDE lately?

          1. I’m sorry but my blog is not the place to post feature requests. You might try

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