This week in KWin (2013, week 2)

A rather busy week is behind us. Not only have there been many bugs fixed, but also some feature/refactoring branches were merged which are not listed in the summary. For example a refactoring of virtual desktops landed in master. The management of virtual desktops has been split out of the Workspace class into an own module. As new features we have more support for the application menu button in window decorations. The Laptop decoration got such a button and generic support has been added to the Aurorae theme engine. Now almost all decorations shipped with KWin can provide this button.


Crash Fixes

Critical Bug Fixes

    Bug Fixes

    • 275235: Logout effect interferes with Plasma extenders effect
    • 299398: shadow on volume OSD is wrong the first time
    • 312835: The keyboard shorcut Ctrl+Alt+Right for “Switch to next desktop” doesn’t work anymore since commit a2a335064e206f0689e315d58c30bedce90decff
      Git Commit
    • 311319: Color correction breaks EffectFrames
      Git Commit
    • 306169: Thumbnail Aside effect not updating/disappearing
      This change will be available in version 4.10 RC 3
      Git Commit
    • 295055: AbilityUsesAlphaChannel broken when used with shadow pixmap hints
    • 312168: Plasma popup shadows not drawn during slide animation
      This change will be available in version 4.10 RC 3
      Git Commit
    • 306404: The “walk through desktop” shortcuts don’t show up in the desktop kcm
      This change will be available in version 4.11
      Git Commit
    • 281186: maximizing a full-size window causes title bar corruption
    • 309853: KWin kcm wrongly informs that all effects failed to load
      This change will be available in version 4.10
      Git Commit
    • 312784: Can’t drag and drop files or folders on edgeless windows
      This change will be available in version 4.10 RC 3
      Git Commit
    • 313091: Kded-appmenu – Enabling makes “Window menu” and “on all desktops” buttons vanish
      Git Commit

    New Features

    • 312900: wish: kwin option to save vertical space: merge window buttons into menu-bar
      This change will be available in version 4.10


      13 Replies to “This week in KWin (2013, week 2)”

      1. Nice, saw that 305499 happen on my rc2 installation as well (but didn’t bother since it was reported already :)).

        Good work! As far as I can tell, 4.10 will be a great release, and reading the lists I can see a lot of work happening on polishing and stabilizing.

        Interesting to me would be: In the “applicaiton switcher”, so using alt-tab, can I change the colour of the window title somehow, or does that require code changes? Due to the background effect fading the background image to a black bar, it’s hard for me to read the text (black on black). Could be KUbuntu specific though, not sure about that.

          1. Hi Martin,

            A bit more digging in I saw it’s not the default swticher, but it’s the “Cover Switch” effect which causes this.

            Screenshot is actually pretty bad, since I could not really do a screenshot in this state (so I made a photo using my cell). It’s about the bottom, where the window title should be displayed in the rectangle, where the title is black, and the fade out too :).

            1. PS: I know there are more important things, and it’s a kubuntu thing shipping this effect in the default config 🙂 .. still, even using a very bright desktop background this seems odd.
              Should be easy to fix, just – no idea where.

      2. is 312900 commit present in 4.9.97?
        Or this future will be available only in final release?
        How we can switch on/off this future?

        1. the feature to have menu in the window decoration has been around for a few months. I plan to provide a blog post on how to enable it.

          1. Sounds great. I really want to know how does it work, looks like and how to shwitch this on 🙂

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