This week in KWin (2012, week 52 and 2013, week 1)

With Christmas break over there is again quite some work happening for KWin. Of course given that 4.10 is close by a few bugs got fixed, but with master open for 4.11 we also have the first feature commits. Most of it is in the area of porting KWin to XCB. Those changes are not listed, but they are quite nice as each of them brings a small improvement due to the asynchronous nature of XCB. For the actual features I try to create bug reports again, so that they can be listed in the summary.


Crash Fixes

  • 308040: KWin crashes after restarting it
    This change will be available in version 4.10
    Git Commit
  • 310142: KWin crash due to wobbly windows effect when closing window
    This change will be available in version 4.10
    Git Commit

Critical Bug Fixes

    Bug Fixes

    • 312346: PySolFC (And possibly other Tkinter and Tk programs), after moving window, put the menu at the original menu position.
      This change will be available in version 4.10
      Git Commit
    • 293385: glsl should be disabled for the 945G because it’s slow and broken
      This change will be available in version 4.10
      Git Commit
    • 308919: Window Switcher fails to repaint background if Fade Effect enabled
    • 311553: No minimum size on the general or effects tab of kwincompositing kcm
      This change will be available in version 4.10
      Git Commit

    New Features

    • 308992: Use Resize Area in Aurorae
      This change will be available in version 4.11
      Git Commit


      8 Replies to “This week in KWin (2012, week 52 and 2013, week 1)”

      1. Is there really no way we can compile kwin without all these bloat named nepomuk/akonadi? Also, I would liked to see kactivities not required for plasma to work normally.

        Anyway, good job, really looking forward to see KDE with QT5.

          1. I apologize, it was not my intention to ofend anyone. There are a lot of users (incl. me) who don’t like the semantic philosophy in KDE is set the way it is. We would like to have option not to install/compile nepomuk and its backends, whereas, the way things are now in KDE, this is not possible. For example, I cannot shutdown/turnoff/disable activities to have a simple plain old desktop, nor I can exclude it from compiling. KDE workspace needs kactivities and nepomuk core for it to be compiled, that’s way I thought kwin needs those, too.

      2. Hi
        I use hot corners with 0 ms delays. So I found a few glitches in that config. When I use hot corner to show all my desktop “expo” raight after showing a window miniature there is a displacement of miniature in expo mode. Sometime the miniature just disappear but sometime it is showed by about 500ms but it is displacement. I can’ t make screenshot because it not work in “expo”.
        A second glitches is when i show a plasma board again by using a hot corner with 0 ms delay. When I show bord after showing battery status or networ manager it disapir with glitches. It shoud not disappear lika a calendar for example.

        Sorry for my english.

      3. Thanks for the good work! I frequently have 20+ windows (+hundreds of tabs) open across a triple monitor system that feels laggy sometimes, so every improvement to performance, and async/multi-threaded drawing is greatly appreciated.

      4. Hello Martin! Nice to see some awesome work done for kwin 🙂
        Hope we will be able to see kde on qt5 soon. If I can ask, what happened to
        qml window decorations? Will we see them anytime soon? That might be easier to create new window decorations if become default.

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