[Help KWin] Save the Explosion Effect

One of our KWin Effects hasn’t seen much love over the last years and is in fact more broken than working. It’s a pure eye-candy effect which means that it is not at all in the development focus of the KWin team. The truth is, that we are tempted to just delete the effect because we won’t fix it. But of course there are users who like it and would be sad if it gets deleted.

Here you can help: if the issues gets fixed and the effect becomes maintained there is no need to remove it. So if you want to get your hands dirty with a small OpenGL based effect have a look at the Explosion effect and improve it. Have a look at Bug 312176 and all the linked reports to find the issues.

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    1. KWin is and has always been independent of Plasma. It’s just that some parts of KWin use libplasma and/or Plasma Components. Of course anything done in Plasma Components can easily be exchanged by any QML that is not using Plasma Components.

  1. I rather like the explosion effect and would be sorry to see it go. If you do decide to remove it, add something new in its place.

    1. the community has been asked to step up and so far it looks rather bad. If nobody comes around the next few days it will be gone and no there will not be a replacement.

      1. Hi Martin,
        I would like to work on the Explosion Effect, but I still need some pointers. Regarding the bug report I don’t exactly know what’s wrong with the current implementation and what shall be done to improve it.

          1. OK I will look into this, but I may need some time to get an idea how all this stuff works.

            BTW: It seems my kde bugzilla account has been deleted. Was there a cleanup action? My orginal account dates from December 2009 and was seldom used since then.

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