[Help KWin] Document Effect Animations

Given the success of the two community involvements I recently tried with KConfigXT and UI files (both merged into master), I decided to set up regular tasks and announce them through my blog. I will mark those in the caption with [Help KWin].

And this weeks task is a no coding task, but a documentation task. It is a task which can be considered as part of the Extra Mile project.

Let me introduce to the idea: some days ago I sent a mail to the kde-artist mailing list to get help on having better animations, because somehow it doesn’t feel as smooth as other compositors, but performance is not a problem. So our animations have to be wrong (I assumed) and I wanted help from people who understand it.

Well we figured out quite fast that the actual issue is that our animations are not consistent, e.g. two fade animations don’t look the same. Now that is actually pretty easy to fix and would give a much better user experience.

But before we can do so we need to know our animations and to be honest we do not know. So I call for help! Help us document all the animations going on. This would allow us afterwards to define basic patterns for the animations.

I just created a wiki page to document the progress and to explain how one can find the animations even if one is not familiar with C++. While programming skills can be helpful it’s not required for this task, it’s basically just “reading text” in the browser.