Why planetkde needs to have political posts

Johnathan’s blog post about the EU triggered quite some noise about that there should not be political posts on planetkde. I think it’s important that we have political posts on planetkde. KDE is a political movement, let’s look at our vision:

A world in which everyone has control over their digital life and enjoys freedom and privacy.

This is a political statement. We want to change the world! We are political! We need to be able to discuss political topics like the Snowden-documents, we need to be able to lobby on planetkde for Free Software in our governments, we need to be able to report about such efforts.

This means politics belong to KDE and belong to planetkde.

This means we need to also tolerate political opinion posts on topics which are not directly KDE related, like Johnathan’s. If we start to remove such posts or start to censor us, we run the risk of not having the relevant posts on planetkde anymore because people don’t post political articles at all anymore.

Please remember that planetkde is for the KDE community by the KDE community. Any political opinion expressed on planetkde does not represent the opinion of KDE or KDE e.V.