The Quality of KWin/5 is in YOUR Hands!

This week we had the beta release for our upcoming release of the next iterations of our Plasma workspaces. This also includes KWin 5.0 which has the first major transition since the introduction of Compositing back in 2008. The changes in KWin are huge as we ported to Qt 5 and with that also to XCB and QtQuick2. Personally I comare it to having exchanged the engine, the tires, adding new spoilers and getting a new finish for our car. But after such a huge change there will be the one or other screw which needs to be tightened to get the fastest car in the race.

And that’s where we need YOU. We cannot find all the small issues. We need you as a tester to know what to fix. So please give a try to our beta, our daily packages and weekly isos and try as hard as possible to break KWin. I want that KWin 5.0 has at least the same quality as KWin 4.11 and I’m sure you want that, too.

Head over to David’s blog post for general testing instructions. Of course KWin bugs should be reported against product “kwin” on bugzilla.

12 Replies to “The Quality of KWin/5 is in YOUR Hands!”

    1. it’s OK, but you might run into issues due to being on a virtual machine. Those GL drivers are not the best

  1. I’d like to, but would need instructions to build and run from source on debian/tanglu … 🙁

  2. Is there a way to filter kwin5-bugs in I don’t want to create duplicates. Filtering for a tag kf5 or something would make it easier.

    My main problem is still to figure out which component is responsible for which bug. Especially a window manager is kind of an abstract program (no offense) which is always there, but you never really pay attention to it when it simply works 😉

    1. There’s the version field you could search again or the target milestone “5”. Though not all bugs are marked with this target milestone yet.

  3. I tried the kubuntu packages using the daily ppa. I’m sorry to say it was completely unusable for me. I tried it on a fairly old machine which I still get a lot of use out of. A core2duo desktop with 2Gigs RAM and only the poor Intel graphics provided (barely) on the chip. The current KDE runs quite nicely on it. Using raster for Qt and open GL2.
    I see the compositing settings for Neon are basically all there just moved around slightly. The only difference is I found no place to select raster for Qt.
    In any event the screen response was so slow it simply was not usable. I could not even use the menu at all as there was so much lag. With windows I could resize them and watch the decorations follow along behind the window. The whole time the fans on my machine blaring.
    I am hopeful it’s a fixable issue but I’m not sure how to proceed or what to check. I can’t beleive KDE would have accepted moving to a new platform which is so much more demanding as to produce this kind of situation.

      1. thanks for testing and letting us know that the experience is better with the latest image.

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