Laptop and BII window decorations want to be ported to KWin/5

At the moment the window decorations Laptop and BII are disabled from build in kde-workspace master branch. From the KWin development team side these two decorations had been unmaintained for a long time and this means I will not do the port and I don’t expect anyone else from the core team will port them.

This means it depends on YOU dear reader to make sure that those two decorations are also available in the next release. So if you are using one of the decorations and are able to program in C++ please step up and port them (also maintaining would be awesome).

If nothing happens till let’s say end of January I will git rm those two decorations.

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        1. I would rather like to see someone new step up for porting it 🙂

          Concerning German vs. English – I don’t know where it comes from. It should be English.

    1. Aurorae is alraedy ported and it’s not used for every decoration because there is no need to do it.

      1. Yes, but maybe it is easier to port Laptop and BII to Aurorae?

        Anyway, I won’t port Laptop and BII because they are so ugly I never used them anyway.

  1. I wonder why these themes even exist today. They totally don’t fit to the oxygen design. Even when you use another design e.g. from kde-look I see no point to use them. I think it has a reason, that no one wants to maintain them.
    It would be easier for your team if you focus on aurorae and add the complete functionality (dbus-menues etc.) to it and drop all the other decorations. If someone likes Bii, there would be still possibility to put it in kde-look.

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