This week in KWin (2013, week 5)

Major event last week has of course been the tagging of 4.10 and some last minute fixes for it. TabBox is now getting proper translucent backgrounds again, other parts of KWin still have unfortunately still problems with it. Most of the work has not yet made it into master and is still on review. There’s some new stuff for screen edges in the pipeline and some further areas got ported to XCB.


Crash Fixes

Critical Bug Fixes

    Bug Fixes

    • 313909: XReconfigureWMWindow fails to stack (lower) a window using an Above CWSibling combination
      This change will be available in version 4.11
      Git Commit
    • 192807: Plastik window decoration doesn’t paint for very small windows
    • 310945: New maximize effect leads to visual glitch
      This change will be available in version 4.10
      Git Commit

    New Features