Screen Cast: Implementing a KWin Effect in JavaScript with Plasmate

I’m proud to present the very first screen cast on how to implement a KWin Effect in JavaScript using current git version of Plasmate. As an example I’m using the new Maximize effect for 4.10. When watching the video, please note that this has been the first screen cast I have ever made 😉

Direct link to Video.

Tutorials on techbase to be added quite soon.

12 Replies to “Screen Cast: Implementing a KWin Effect in JavaScript with Plasmate”

  1. Nice screen cast, thanks.
    Btw, There is a little misspell where it says
    loadConfig: function() {
    maximizeEffect.duartion = animationTime(250);
    instead of “maximizeEffect.duration”.

  2. Hi Martin,

    how do you record your screencasts? Looks like you are using vlc? Would you please share your command?

    1. thanks, but not as impressive as giving an Akademy talk showing a live demo of how to write an Akonadi Resource 😉

    1. Personally I do not care at all what Linus is using. He is just one user. I do not get why the media is making such a buzz about what Linus is using.

      1. I don’t care either but some users do. That’s a plus I think 🙂
        It’s a plus when a public person talks good about your project 🙂

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