[Help KWin] Fix Warnings

Today I once more present some easy tasks to help the KWin development. This time it is a small coding task, though it’s not a very difficult task, but a very important one.

As you might know there is a new C++ standard available, which is called C++11. This standard provides quite some nice and useful additions to the language which we would like to use.

Unfortunately the new standard is not completely backwards compatible and there are some usages inside KWin which would no longer compile if we would enable C++11. This used to be totally valid code which did not even raise a warning. With gcc 4.7 we nowadays get a warning for all these code fragments which would not compile with C++11.

We need to fix those warnings, because we want to use C++11 in future and because they make it more difficult to spot the “real” warnings.

Therefore I set up a wiki page which contains all the warnings the compilation of KWin is currently causing and I would like to fix them all and that’s an easy way to help.

All you need is a current checkout of KWin and you need to be able to compile it with (at least) gcc 4.7. Please follow the instructions about building KWin. When you work on a warning just set the row in the table on the wiki page to InProgress and add yourself to the contact information. Please do this step as it prevents that multiple people start to work on it. Once you have a warning (or multiple) fixed, just open a review request on Review Board for group KWin.

If you work on it, please concentrate on warnings mentioning C++11.

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  1. Not to underappreciated your work in this regards but all of the C++11 warnings seems to be worked on(probably fixed), and I’m just a day late 🙂

    Btw, great idea, not just the wiki page but also blogging about it!
    Thanks for the great work!

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