This week in KWin (2012, week 37)

This week I want to dedicate my summary to the following persons:

  • Salva
  • Giuseppe
  • Andrea
  • Christian
  • Dirk
  • Francesco
  • Dario
  • Alexander
  • Lilian
  • Bernhard

I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone. They all worked on porting our effects configuration to KConfigXT and quite a number already got merged into master this week. This is truly an amazing community. I have not expected that ten people would turn up to tackle the complete project in just one week.

The “disadvantage” is that it basically blocked my work. I was mostly involved in reviewing the patches and merging them in. It took me nevertheless about a quarter of hour to merge one of the changes as some effects are special and needed adjustments.

Other reviews got stuck in the queue and because of that the bug list for this week just returned an empty list.

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