Less Than 200 Open KWin Bug Reports

After weeks of hard work by Thomas and myself the open bug count of KWin is finally below 200!

This is best seen in the graph plotting open bugs over time. In the weekly bug summary you now have to select the top 50 products to see KWin at all.

How did we achieve this great result? We have many user support issues in the bug tracker and many users don’t answer questions any more. Those bugs can be closed if the last comment is a year ago asking to provide the requested information.

Many bugs have in fact been fixed since the bug has been reported and we just have not known that there is a report for this issue. Also many bugs are just for so outdated versions (4.2 or earlier) that any information provided in the report is no longer valid. Not only KWin has improved a lot but most important also the drivers.

But there is still much more work to do in the bug tracker. 200 open reports is still much more than the number of real bugs which I expect to be below 100. So give us a helping hand. Reading an open report and trying to reproduce it is not that difficult 🙂

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    1. I’d say that is to be expected given that you have a rather new code base. When we introduced compositing we also had a more or less linear growth in new bugs over a period of one to two years.

  1. Hello,

    it’s really great to see kwin progressing nicely! I’ve been using it since around KDE 4.2.

    I have two problems though which I would like to help debug:
    1. Without compositing sound in fullscreen flash videos is stuttering (it’s most obvious when moving the mouse cursor)

    2. When I have enabled compositing at the beginning most things are fluid (framerate is around 58 fps, but opening a new tab in Opera leads to a significant drop in framerate on my system). But after a while the framerate drops significantly (the fps monitor is showing me around 2-3 fps).

    I have a x1400 card with 128 MiB of dedicated memory. I’m running mesa git with r300g and kernel is 3.3.1. CPU usage is around 10%.

    Can you give me some hints how I can find out the cause of the problems I’m experiencing? Could it be that I’m out of VRAM because the memory isn’t freed (I’m not a programmer, so really have no clue what’s happening)?

    Best regards and keep up the good work!

    1. I’m sorry but my blog is not a user support forum. You want to use forum.kde.org.

  2. This is obviously the result of dedicated and really hard work. There may not be many comments here, but be reassured that we users highly appreciate your work. You are one of those we admire most.

  3. The best improvement I’ve seen in the past years in KWin is that Intel finally seems to get their drivers stable and a lot faster in the past half year (except the RC6 problem on snb… which is for some reason still not completely ironed out).

    Yes, enabling composite by default was a huge step, and a huge thing to show what’s going wrong in the graphics stack from the kernel up to kwin, which must have lead to a lot of bug reports.

    At all, I always considered kwin to be a reliable window manager. So thanks for the hard work on it.

  4. What´s the status of Kwin compositing support for Intel Sandybridge graphic cards?

    00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)

    I am running kubuntu´s latest beta and it is the only thing not working correctly. KDE on it is gorgeus but having to use Kwiin with Xrender is terrible. I would like to hear from the horse´s mouth whether this is a kwin issue or a kubuntu one.

    Thanks for all your hard work

    1. given that my notebook has a Sandybridge I would say that the support is perfect 🙂

      I don’t know why it does not work for you but remember that you are currently use beta software.

      1. Thank you for reporting back that this is indeed and likely and ubuntu configuration issue.

        My laptop model is an LG P530-K.AE21B. It has one of these hybrid graphics cards and maybe that is why Kubuntu does not detect it. I need to try Ubuntu from a live Cd just to compare the graphics situation with what I see in KDE

        By the way, which distro are you using?

        Thanks again.

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