Second Strike for KWin Scripting

I already blogged about it: KWin Scripting needs help from the community if it should be available in 4.8. Unfortunately nothing changed about the state, except that I added a build flag to not compile Scripting.

I just wanted to apply a patch and got a compile error because of scripting and I remember that my GSoC student had also problems with scripting during his project.

So this is the second strike for scripting. And you know what will happen when I have to proceed to the third strike 🙁 Step up now, or scripting will have to go.

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  1. Could you explain what is broken? I mean, why can’t it compile? It is hard to imagine what has to be done without information about what is currently broken (beside missing features like activity support etc.).

  2. As a matter of fact I downloaded KWin’s sources a few days ago for the sole purpose of knowing how scripting works, what it can do etc. I would love to see KWin’s scripting stick around and maybe even gain features. So:
    I would be willing to take the time and keep scripting working as is at the moment. I would also love to get involved deeper and improve it, extend its features etc. This would need a little more time-investing from my side and will not happen before christmas (bachelor thesis on its way 😉 ). I think an important step will be enabling sharing of scripts via KNewStuff to make it more prominent. Just as an example.
    So if a little (as much as neede, as little as possible of course) guidance could be provided to me, I ‘d love to help out! Just contact me!



    1. good luck with your thesis 🙂 and yes knewstuff would be a good integration and would help us to see whether it is used at all or help to get it started.

      1. Thanks 🙂
        Ok then, I’ll set up a kde-devel environment on my machine and try to keep up. Where should I turn to if I hit any major issues (regarding Kwin, not the dev envirnoment)? Any preferred mailinglist or sth like that? It would be nice if I could get in touch with you. I have you in my g+ circles so we could communicate there if you want.

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