Continuous Integration for KWin

I decided that the life for my server is too boring as its only used to host this blog and functions as my mail gateway. As the system is rather powerful I decided to setup a Jenkins installation in order to continuously build KWin.

The first step is finished: the kde-workspace repository gets polled regularly and whenever there was a commit to master the sources are rebuild and in case it breaks I will be notified by mail. As KWin is not a standalone project, the complete kde-workspace repository is rebuilt. I want to further improve this process by doing several builds with varying configuration (e.g. the build for Plasma Active) and also for the kwin-wayland branch. But for those I first need to build a recent version of Mesa (no OpenGL ES on Debian Squeeze).
The really useful part of a CI system is that you can also perform some checks on the code. Unfortunately KWin does not yet have any unit tests (it is rather difficult to unit test an X11 Window Manager and OpenGL Compositor), but thanks to our modularisation effort I’m confident that we will soon be able to integrate the first unit tests.
But there are of course other possibilities except running unit tests. So I integrated a cppcheck execution on KWin’s repository as well as setting up Krazy tests, which are unfortunately broken for kde-workspace on Due to the lack of automated Krazy runs I have not managed to keep track of the issues lately.
I hope that these efforts help in the long to improve the quality of our software and to ensure that the code doesn’t break with unusual build options especially now when we transit to a major new windowing system.

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  1. If you have time, would you write a techbase article about your setup. I would be very interested.


    1. I don’t think that my setup is useful for techbase as I do not build everything through the CI.

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