Bug Statistics for KWin 4.6 Cycle

Once again I used Bugzilla to get some statistics on how many bugs are opened, closed in KWin during the last development cycle (statistics are from Final Tagging 4.5 till today). Overall 437 new bugs have been reported and 425 bugs have been "closed". Many thanks again to the bug day – without it the numbers would look worse. So this means that each day 2.4 bugs are reported. Assuming that we spent 10 minutes on each bug (in general Thomas Lübking and I are reading and responding to each bug comment), we spent 8 days just on bug managing. That sounds reasonable, but is very bad as it’s time spent managing and not fixing the bugs. This can be seen in the table below.

Like in my previous reports about 40 % (165) of the new bugs are duplicates. But this time we also faced the problem of the drivers: 12.8 % (56) of all new bugs have been marked as upstream. I also took the time to go through all duplicate crash reports and found another 52 duplicate driver crashes. About 50 % (213) of all bugs are crashes, but only 3 crashes are confirmed and only 9 have been fixed. 24 of the crashes have not been confirmed yet, meaning that the way to reproduce is not clear. Altogether 21.5 % (94) bugs have not been confirmed yet. Apart from the driver bugs our worst problem has been in Desktop Grid and those crashes were fixed early in the cycle.

Category # New Bugs/% to All # New Crashes/% to New Bugs Overall Closed
Unconfirmed: 94/21.5 24/25.5
New: 17/3.9 3/17.6
Needsinfo: 37/8.4 27/75 55
Fixed: 34/7.8 9/27.3 71
Invalid: 24/5.4 3/12.5 26
Wontfix: 2/0.5 3
Duplicate: 165 (-52)/37.8 110 (-52)/66.6 185 (-52)
Worksforme: 5/1.1 19
Upstream (driver): 56 (+52)/12.8 36 (+52)/64.3 63 (+52)
Downstream: 3/0.7 1/33.3 3
Sum: 437 213/48.7 425

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3 Replies to “Bug Statistics for KWin 4.6 Cycle”

  1. I’d like to mention that I hate that KDE will report 425 bugs closed. I only want to hear about bugs fixed. 71 is actually a nice number, but far from 425. However, I wonder how many are unresolved, also how many of these were not backported by 4.5.5?

    1. That’s why I wrote “closed”. The number is as wrong as the 71. The 71 do not include the bug fixes where we did not reference a bug or where no bug report was opened. The number of unresolved is rather tricky to get as we have in kwin a hughe number of unconfirmed bugs. And it is impossible to get the number of backported bugs through bugzilla.

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