Blur Effect enabled by default

No, it’s not about window decorations 🙂

I just enabled the blur effect by default for the beta cycle. If your graphics card at least supports the extension GL_ARB_fragment_program (check with glxinfo) you should see the blur behind Plasma tooltips, etc.

Please give it a try and please report issues. A blur effect could cause slowness and artifacts and we would like to know of them before the release. I hope we won’t have to disable the effect again. Speaking of new cool effects: Fredrik did not only contribute a new blur effect, but also added an awesome shader to the taskbar thumbnails, so they should look much better. Unfortunately there is a small issue only present with NVIDIA driver so the improved thumbnails are only used for RGBA windows. I’m pretty sure we will fix this issue – perhaps even before beta tagging (I just have to recompile complete trunk to test some ideas). And sorry for not presenting a picture – my trunk is really broken at the moment 😉

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15 Replies to “Blur Effect enabled by default”

  1. Argh!

    Post cool stuff.
    Tell us about cool stuff.
    Tell us it looks so good…

    Then no screenshot?!

    You’re a cruel, cruel man Martin!

  2. Hi, i’m just back from trunk testing. It seems like everything is ok so far. Ive got nvidia card. I only wish, if possible, to not remove the blur from panels, when switching desktops. And one question. Is blur going to work with windows not only plasma elements? 😉 Thaaanks a lot for it! 😀

    1. I think there is a way for the window to tell that it should be blurred, but seems to not be the default which is from a performance perspective the better way

  3. hello!!

    i used blur effect in the release 4.4.75 with graphic card nvidia 7050 and it work fine..but i don’t know why it doesn’t work with argb of bespin..

  4. And we need Framebuffer object support for the Blur effect, which the xf86-video-ati driver still doesn’t support 🙁

    1. driver intel too??

      with glxinfo there are framebuffer object pixelbuffer object and arb_fragment program…but last time i used it didn’t work on my intel graphic card …

  5. Hello Martin,
    I have a small problem regarding plasma tooltips blur. I’ve already filed a bug report, but against Plasma. Should the bug be against KWin, maybe it then it could be noticed?

    Not to duplicate the bug report, I’ll redirect you to the page:


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