Desktop Grid with Present Windows

One effect to rule them all. One effect to find them,
one effect to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
in the Land of KWin where the Wobbliness lies.

I wanted to present a video of it, but recordmydesktop does not want to record my desktop. So here is only a screenshot of new KWin fun:

Von KWin

Desktop Grid uses Present Windows (if activated) to lay out the windows as you might know from the previews of GNOME Shell or Mac OS Spaces. In the not existing video you can see that dragging the windows from one desktop to the other is nice and smooth. As soon as the dragging starts the windows on the starting desktop will be rearranged and the window, which is being moved is, bound to the cursor. When dropping the window onto another desktop the windows start to rearrange immediately.

The Present Windows effect has a proxy which allows other effects to call some of the methods from Present Windows. So Desktop Grid uses the proxy to get the layout for a group of windows. The proxies are also used in other effects, e.g. Sliding Popups disables the Fade animation and CoverSwitch uses a proxy to get the thumbnail bar from BoxSwitch.

Other goodies from Present Windows like filtering or mouse actions are not used. Therefore the effects have to be merged to become the one effect to rule them all. (Yes The Lord of the Rings is currently again the book on my bedside table.)

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13 Replies to “Desktop Grid with Present Windows”

  1. Ohhh Yes! Martin, you and Lucas are my heroes of the day! Will you be making KWin Sunday a regular feature between now and KDE 4.4?

    And is ‘Von KWin’ the mysterious mastermind behind our amazing window manager?

  2. Hehe unfortunately there is no mastermind and von KWin is only the mixed up translations from picassaweb.

    Hmm about KWin Sundays… as I only work on KWin during weekends the chances for blogposts are higher than on workdays 😉

  3. You can use this command instead, to record your desktop:

    ffmpeg -f x11grab -s wxga -r 25 -i :0.0 -sameq /tmp/out.mpg

    But let us see it in action! In wich version of KDE could we enjoy it?

  4. Very cool!

    I miss working on KDE 🙁

    ( PS. If I forget to type in the email, I am taken to a German error page, maybe you should add a line of English there )

  5. One feature that can work quite well with this is the ability to (suppose moving the mouse to a corner enables expose) so, dragging a file to the corner should sill enable expose allowing me to select an application to which i can drag that file to

    1. Sorry but I am developing KDE software. I have no idea if this is possible. But you could just give Kubuntu a try 🙂

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