Get Hot New Stuff support in Aurorae

Thanks to Frank Karlitschek there is a category for Aurorae themes on He also added a GHNS provider and of course I already implemented it and updated the Aurorae version. Here the obligatory screenshot:

Von Aurorae

There are many themes already available for Aurorae and that’s awesome. I just want to say thanks to everybody who designed a theme. Some are really great looking and working nicely together with a Plasma theme. That’s exactly what I wanted to achieve. Have a look for example at the Gaia 09 theme. It’s really great to see so many users picking up the theme engine although it was quite difficult to use as it has a 4.3 requirement (well that problem is solved since yesterday).

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  1. It’s amazing what you did, thanks! Will the same also possible for the rest of the theme/style (for the rest of the window with the buttons, tabs,…)?

  2. This is awesome, just one thing. It would be awesome if themes fit to KDE’s color scheme.

  3. hey, i love you engine, sad but true, i cannot use it at the moment. I mentioned this on kde look. There is a problem with the engine and nvidia grafik cards i think. There i a delay opening/restoring/minimizing windows.. Could you please look at this? I can make tests for you with svn version if thats necessary.


  4. @sxe: I just played around: when you (un)minimize without changing the active window it’s fast. When the active window is changed while minimizing it’s slow. The reason is probably that while changing the activation the (in)active elements have to be resized. That shouldn’t matter for the next change as then everything should be cached.

    Of course resizing could be done before, but that would make resizing and opening windows slower. So it’s a tradeoff. One of the disadvantages of using SVGs 🙁

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