New KWin effect: Sheet

I implemented a new KWin effect called “Sheet”. It animates modal dialogs. The dialog is rolled up and flys in from the parent window. Well difficult to describe it with words. So here’s a video (of course speed is set to very slow):

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Currently you don’t want to use the effect if fade effect is enabled as well. The two effects have different durations, so the dialog is completly faded while still being rolled up.

Work on cube is still going on and new features are added. Yesterday for example I surrendered and implemented the 3D Windows feature due to many requests. So windows can hover above the cube. It’s actually one of those features I don’t like myself but Compiz has it, so it had to be implemented 😉

Once again an image says more than thousand words:

There are still small glitches caused by the painting sequence, but nothing that couldn’t be solved.

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  1. Cool!

    Is it possible to implement it (as an option) like apple do for mondal dialog? I mean having a borderless version without (_ [] X) that sitck to the parent windows _ [] X bar int he middle. So OSX freak will like that, and it would be nice with this effect.

  2. Cool effects!

    If you need these effects to work with your computer is one question. But when I show up with my KDE4 Linux laptop, these effects attract the people when they see it and are the beginning of a short introduction into KDE and Linux. All these talks ended with “Cool! I didn’t know Linux could do that. I thought this is for geeks only.”

    I think these effects are very important to spread KDE.

    Thanks a lot and keep on your fantastic work!

  3. Really good job, but it looks like it still needs a little work before it’s really beautiful. It feels like the dialog is a little too stiff, but I have no doubt you’ll polish it off beautifully in no time 🙂

    I also really love that in MacOS X the modal dialogs remain visibly attached to the parent window, but I guess that’s a discussion for another day.

  4. Cool! I know this can be a very stupid question, but… This effect will have a speed-configuration option right?.

  5. Well I wrote in my post, that speed was set to very slow for that video. KWin allows to configure speed globally and most effects have custom settings as well. For sheet there is no config dialog yet, but it’s possible to adjust the speed in kwinrc.

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