KWin/5 open for bug reports

Today I added a new version number to our bugtracker: 4.90.1. This is the version number currently used by KWin on Qt 5 and this means that I consider KWin/5 to have reached a quality level where I think it makes sense to start reporting bugs.

On my system KWin/5 has become the window manager I use for managing the windows needed for developing said window manager. The stability is already really good and today I fixed one last annoying crash when restarting KWin. So I’m already quite happy. Also the functionality looks good. Some of the problems I had seen and been annoyed by are fixed and this means that my normal workflow is working. But KWin supports more than the “Martin workflow” and this means you have to test it and report bugs! Grab the latest daily build packages for your distro and enjoy the power of a Qt 5 based window manager.

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  1. I hoped this would happen at some point at the end of the year – I don’t have time to report bugs right now, but now that I’m able to, I just have to… 🙂

    Let’s see whether I can still make it until the weekend without building Kwin 5 😉

    1. you need the frameworks libraries, but otherwise it’s possible to combine it with any application from the KDE SC 4.11

    1. it’s an update to work on frameworks 5. For any comments about speed it’s probably too early 😉

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