KWin compiles for OpenGL ES

While others are having fun at the KDE Mobile Sprint in Berlin, I am at home and hacking on KWin mobile and could achieve a huge milestone today: KWin compiles for OpenGL ES 2!

This does not yet mean that you can run KWin on an ES powered MeeGo device, it just means that it compiles. There is still lots of work to be done, so there is no compositing code at all. The code for binding textures from pixmap or performing the actual painting is completely disabled. It’s lots of ifdefs currently and that has to be cleaned up first.

Of course nothing of it will hit 4.6, it’s all 4.7 material and the code lives only in my private git branch. Nevertheless if anybody is interested in the code I can provide the diff (or complain loud enough so that we need git :-P).

The impact to the codebase is not as bad as I feared. After dropping the idea of going to OpenGL ES 1.1 first and writing the required shader for the desktop edition, the changes are rather small. In most cases it’s just a huge set of legacy drawing commands which can be easily removed.

Oh and currently all effects are removed from the build as my shader does not yet support the required transformations and many effects use legacy code, which would be too much work to get it compiling in the current state. We will have to see which effects we want on a mobile profile and enable the build of just those (e.g. Present Windows).

So the next steps are setting up a build environment where I actually can test the stuff. KDE Mobile team: I need your help!

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10 Replies to “KWin compiles for OpenGL ES”

    1. If we are able to remove the X dependency and add the wayland dependency, then yes.

      So I doubt 4.7 is a realistic target for Wayland support, but with the help of a GSoC project 4.8 might be possible.

  1. I personally just love your blog, i just realized thanks to you that all my fav blogs are fairly technical hmm another thing about your blog that i love is that you often write in english 🙂 and while my german is good enough for a simple texts yours are a little too technical for my german 😉 i am learning c++ as i really want to get involved in qt and kde which are, you guessed it, my favourite things (for what each of it is). And i love kwin with its flexibility and plethora of options to configure the hell out of my windows.
    P.S. I know that nowadays it’s fairly easy to translate one language to another but i know from my personal experience that it very often loses the real meaning from the original text so i’d rather train my german than rely on crappy translators, all in all i love the work you are doing and your straight to the point blog. Big thumbs up!

    1. Thanks. And yeah I would not trust the translation, as well. Considering that I tend to write a difficult and very technical German, I doubt it’s possible to translate it automatically.

  2. awesome progress, Martin…

    as for git: we’ve got kdeplasma-addons ready to go, i expect kdebase-workspace will follow. so we could have git for you by 4.7. let’s see…

    as for help from the mobile team: do you need hardware as well, or “just” a mobile kdelibs build, or?

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